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If you're looking for a 3-letter words finder, congratulations, you're in the right place. This free, powerful, and convenient tool can help you quickly find specified 3-letter words.

While many individuals possess a robust vocabulary of three-letter words, it can be challenging to list them all, particularly given the abundance of less common options that may not immediately spring to mind. If you enjoy word games like Scrabble or Words With Friends, you may find yourself spending significant amounts of time searching for frustrating three-letter solutions. Fortunately, our tool can assist you in solving this issue.

Our 3-letter word finder is designed to simplify the word-finding process without the complexity of other search filters. You can enter letters in specified locations to generate a list of 3-letter words. For example, if you need to specify the second letter as "h", the tool will generate a list of all three-letter words with "h" in the second position (e.g., "aha," "the," "oho"). Additionally, you can include these letters out of order and not specify the position, with the tool generating a list of almost any word you require after turning off the "specific position" switch.

If you need to further narrow down the resulting list of words, you can also exclude some letters, which is very simple and fast.

How many three letter words are there in different dictionaries?

In common English dictionaries (Oxford Dictionary and Merriam-Webster), there are about 1200-1500 common 3-letter words.

  1. There are 1081 3-letter words in the Scrabble US Dictionary (NWL - contains Scrabble words from the NASPA word list, formerly TWL).
  2. There are 1299 3-letter words in the Scrabble UK Dictionary (CSW - contains Scrabble words from Collins Scrabble Words).
  3. There are 1158 3-letter words in the Words With Friends Dictionary (WWF).

What are the most common 3-letter words?

The most common 30 3-letter words are(sort by frequency descending):


What are the 10 3-letter words with the most points?

Scrabble US(NWL) zzz(30 points), zuz(21 points), zax(19 points), zek(16 points), fez(15 points),fiz(15 points), pyx(15 points), wiz(15 points).
Scrabble UK(CSW) wiz(30 points), ziz(21 points), zuz(21 points), jiz(19 points), zax(19 points), zex(19 points), zek(16 points).
Word With Friends(WWF) zax(19 points), zek(16 points), biz(15 points), coz(15 points), fez(15 points), fiz(15 points), jab(15 points), jam(15 points), jaw(15 points), jew(15 points), jib(15 points), job(15 points), jow(15 points), jug(15 points), pyx(15 points), wiz(15 points), zap(15 points), zip(15 points).

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